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Oil Mist Lubrication Systems

Oil Mist Lubrication Systems

Oil mist lubrication systems generate small atomized oil particles which are transported and suspended by air currents at low pressures. The oil particles reach a volume of air to oil ratio of 200000 to1.

The oil mist is produced using a generator based on the Venturi or Vortex principle when air, at high speeds, comes into contact with small doses of oil. The generating capacity can easily be modified by adjusting or replacing the head without having to replace other components of the oil mist generating equipment.


It is possible to mist lubricate bearings, flat bearings, guides and benches, gears, cams, and chains, among others. These mixed elements can be found in the same installation.


The element to be lubricated reduces its temperature through forced convection due to the continuous contribution of mist on the surface

Protection against external agents

In oil mist systems, a slight positive pressure is generated in the equipment casing and prevents the entry of polluting, corrosive gases, water vapor, and particles present in the atmosphere. This increases the useful life of the equipment.

Economic savings

The equipment’s power consumption is reduced as there is no continuous friction with the oil.

Accurate and consistent oil supply in mist systems results in a considerable reduction in oil consumption.

Closed systems prevent the storage and transportation of oil in the plant.

Since it is an automatic system, operation and maintenance costs are low.

Oil mist systems lack moving parts so failures associated with wear, due to relative movement, disappears between elements.

Oil mist systems offer the possibility of integrating an oil purification stage which extends the life of the lubricant and so reduces its consumption.