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Ras Al Khaimah
Ras Al Khaimah
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Plant start up and operations

Plant start up and operations

The launching of today’s complex Oil & Gas units is demanding. Careful planning and preparation is required by both the plant team and the operational organization. Each activity should be planned and then executed in the correct sequence to avoid costly delays during commissioning and initial operation.

ALAUSAT has experience in pre-commissioning, mechanical completion verification, commissioning, and initial operating activities, making it possible to provide procedures and personnel to prepare each unit for a smooth start-up.

After participating in the development of both the proposal and risk assessments through final performance testing, our commissioned workers draw on experience to add value throughout the project development, execution, and delivery.

The main commissioning activities on the site include:

➢ Interface with the construction team and complete systems acceptance.
➢ Pre-commissioning activities.
➢ Training and qualification of the client’s Operation and Maintenance personnel.
➢ Detailed operational and technical manuals preparation.
➢ Start-up activities.
➢ Support with startup activities.
➢ Demonstration on Personal Safety Devices.
➢ Operational services during the warranty period.

ALAUSAT customers can expect a safe and functional installation with high uptime and a product that meets customer specifications with low operating and maintenance costs.